Curls for days!!

Hot curl tips!!

Let’s face it, there are a serious amount of unique issues facing girls with curls in this country, Humidity! Dry hot desert winds! Weather that changes four times in a day… yes you Melbourne!

Above all there is a massive shortage of hairdressers who understand how to cut your curls! Excellent news…At lunatic fringe we are Curl engineers.

It really is rocket science!

Using our ‘shrink proof cutting technique’ and our styling tuition, whether you have loose waves or spiral curls — we guarantee you will leave with a massive crush on your curls!

We believe no 2 heads of curls are ever the same and that all those twists and turns are a blessing!!

We love to educate and inspire women to Rock their curls.

Our biggest tips for curly hair…

Never Brush your curls. You can brush your scalp and hair before shampooing, then put that brush back in the draw.

Moisture Moisture Moisture With curly hair, you need to reverse your thinking. Many people believe frizz is caused by moisture. Hogs wash! Without moisture your hair will go looking for it in other places [i.e. the atmosphere which = frizz!] keep your locks as hydrated as possible and you’ll never have a bad hair day!

Only ever get your curls cut dry. If someone cuts your hair sopping wet, it’s going to be a disaster. Towel squeeze in between shampoo and conditioner.

We can recommend a shampoo and condition with the exact amount of moisture for your curls however it is vital to towel squeeze before conditioning. If your hair is saturated, most of the conditioner ends up down the plughole instead of doing it job.

Embrace what the universe gave you! Be proud of what makes you different, and you will radiate beauty from the inside out.

Diffuse Drying

Top Redken Product picks- Full Swirl, Wave Ahead, Fashion waves.

Top Pureology Product picks- Curl complete Uplifting Curls, Taming butter.

  • GHD dryers & diffusers are the absolute best!
  • Distribute product to towel dried hair starting at mid lengths and ends and moving closer to roots when there is less product on your hands.
  • Keep hairdryer on low speed high heat.
  • Most curl needs to be dried completely to avoid frizz

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How To Get more Volume!



Hot tips for Volume and Lift at roots

Top Redken product picks- Rootful, Guts, Stay high, Aerate

  • Distributing a product with a good hold through the roots of your hair before blow drying is essential to making sure your style holds.
  • Blow drying the roots of your hair with your head tilted upside down or directing your hair the opposite way to what you will be wearing it are great ways to get high results without much effort!
  • Using a vent brush or paddle brush until the hair is 80% dry then finish off with the round brush
  • Ensure your hair is 100% dry especially at the roots for it to hold the body, if there is moisture left it will soon deflate all your hard work.
  • Use the Ghd Iron with your head tilted upside down also helps to encourage root lift


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How to get that hair smooth!


 Sleek and smooth hot hair tips…

Top Redken product picks- Align, Duo Shield, two smooth, Rebel Tame


  • Distribute product to towel dried hair starting at mid lengths and ends and moving closer to roots when there is less product on your hands.
  • Direct hair dryer nozzle from top of head to bottom to smooth the hair cuticle.
  • Dry to at least 80% dry using your fingers as a time saver.
  • Either using your hands or a brush pull hair smooth and flat while drying, we love using our GHD paddle brush first then finishing with a round brush.
  • Once hair is completely dry use your GHD irons on the top layer.
  • As a finishing touch a serum such as two smooth or diamond oil will help smooth out and deflate, only focus serum on mid lengths and ends.


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Redken 2


Hot Tips for GHD Curls

Top Redken product picks –

Pillow proof primer,Fashion Waves, Iron shape, Wax blast.

  • Only ever use hot irons on completely dry hair.
  • Always use a heat protection.
  • Never clamp the hair tight like when you straighten.
  • Close iron gently, twist and pull slowly.
  • The bigger section you take the slower you need to guide your iron through your hair.
  • Curling away from the face is usually the most flattering.
  • If a curl doesn’t spring up the way you planned just wait for the section to cool down and give it another go.
  • Using a spray to hold your curls in place is always a good idea as they will always drop, we love Wax Blast or Fashion work for a moveable hold.


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Our best blonde hair tips…


Be kind to it!

You have an i phone cover right? It is vital to take care of your hair at home. Look after your investment. Use the correct Shampoo, conditioner, treatments and styling products. You will not find these in the supermarket isle no matter what the ads say!!

To maintain hot blond hair we need to get our hands on it at least every 6 weeks! High maintenance isn’t for everyone… neither is blond hair.

Wet = Weak Never put stress on your hair when it is wet. That’s right my friends… the days of ripping the brush through your wet tresses is over!!! Your hair is in a weakened state when it is wet so be gentle.

Beach babe or beach bum, you MUST get your hands on a tangle teezer to tame those locks.

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Subtle and sleek, the chignon is one of the more elegant of 2013 hairstyles.

This particular interpretation – a low knotted Spanish chignon – was the signature hairstyle created by Guido Palau for Loewe’s spring 2013 show. The hairstyle reflected the modern and sleek collection that was inspired by Spain. In this hairstyle, the hair is parted right in the middle and is pulled over the ears to give the lookLow Spanish chignon hairstyle

It is probably one of the easiest hairstyle up do’s that you can do on your own if you are in a hurry or if you want a simple hairstyle that looks very chic and beautiful.  learn about the steps on how to do it yourself.

Apply Redken’s full effect 07 from roots to tips on damp hair and blow dry it until it is straight.
With a comb, part your hair right in the middle. Make sure it is a straight, clean parting.
Apply a shine serum from the top section of the hair until the ends of it. The Redken team used glass 01 serum.
Using a paddle brush, pull hair back into a low, smooth, clean ponytail. Cover the tops of the ears with some hair to get the full effect of the  Spanish-inspired hairstyle.

low spanish chignon

Tightly twist the ponytail up to form a low bun. Secure it with pins once it is tight and smooth.

low spanish chignon

Tame any fly-aways and keep the chignon in place by freely spraying on hairspray. Guido and team used Redken’s forceful 23 for a very firm hold and added shine.

low spanish chignon


Is your hair chemically distressed? Cryi

Is your hair chemically distressed? Crying out for help maybe? Perhaps you want to go lighter?
The extreme range delivers advanced strengthening benefits to all types of distressed hair. Penetrates deep into the cortex to repair weakened areas, rebuild internal strength, reduce breakage and restore surface protection and shine. It’s also perfect for preparing hair for a an extreme chemical service such as lightening from dark to blond.

Combat Thinning Hair Ever notice your ha

Combat Thinning Hair

Ever notice your hair is starting to get thinner? Maybe you can already tell where a loved one will go bald. Thinning hair is a common occurance but the solution is out there. If a person loses more than 100 hairs every day, this is considered excessive or premature hair loss. Learn more to discover how to achieve thicker, full hair in 30 days:

What causes hair loss?
3 Physiological Factors to Hair Loss

Enzymatic Conversion of Testosterone to DHT (Dihydroxytestosterone)

DHT is a toxin that blocks receptor sites in the hair follicle that normally attract nutrients.
Suffocation of the Hair Bulb

As collagen accumulttes around the hair bulb, it hardens resulting in suffocation of the bulb that prevents the root from taking a firm, deep hold in the scalp.
Poor Nutrition Due to Decreased Microcirculation

Compression at the bulb prevents the flow of oxygen and nutrients carried by microcirculation from reaching the follicle.
How does hair grow?

The normal growth cycle of a single hair strand can last anywhere from two to six years. When hair is healthy and growing at a steady rate, it grows about a half-inch per month.

The growth cycle of hair consists of four phases:

Anagen Phase: Anagen Phase is the growth phase, which lasts three to five years and concerns 90% of hair.

Catagen Phase: Catagen Phase is an approximately three-week regression phase in which hair growth stops.

Telogen Phase: Telogen Phase is the three to five-month rest phase in the hair growth cycle.

Fall Phase: Fall occurs at the end of the telogen phase when the hair falls out because it is pushed by the next hair produced by the hair follicle.

This is why it’s common to lose some hairs on a daily basis during washing or styling; the normal amount is 50-100 hairs per day.

The Solution

If you’re experiencing hair loss, Redken has the solution called IntraForce. With Intra Force, you no longer have to compromise between combating thinning hair and improving the condition of your hair. The unique three tiered program works synergistically to improve the health of your hair, leaving it denser, fuller, and thicker, from root to tip. Learn more about IntraForce and Redken’s Guarantee!

10 Tips On How To Grow Long Healthy Hair


1. Because there is no way to permanently repair damaged hair, if your existing hair is more than a few inches long, not healthy and/or you intend to grow it longer, get a good trim so you are starting out with hair in the best possible condition.

2. Have your hair trimmed regularly even if you are anxious for it to grow. When damage occurs, it causes the hair cuticle to lift and the hair shaft to split. This damage will move up the hair shaft and weaken it if you don’t stop it in its tracks, causing breakage and effectively working directly against your goal of healthy hair or growth. This is especially important if you chemically treat your hair (permanent colour, foils, highlights etc) or if you style your hair with heat.

3. Treat your hair delicately. The longer your hair is or you intend it to be, the more important this is. Do not rip at knots use excessive back combing and teasing. Avoid ever putting anything in your hair that will cause damage to remove like rubberbands, for instance.

4. Be especially gentle with your hair when it is wet, and always use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair, never, ever a brush. Wet hair has no elasticity and will snap very easily if it is stretched. We are all familiar with that chill-inducing sound of hair snapping when you rip a tiny knot out of a lock of wet hair. Your goal, should you choose to accept it, is to avoid ever hearing that sound again!

5.Condition, condition, condition! Use a salon professional shampoo and conditioner on your hair every time you wash it no matter what its length! Redken have a range for every specific hair type and a product for any hair need. If your hair is more than a few inches long, you need to use a treatment at least once per week. Not only will this help to smooth your hair and make it look beautiful, treatments return lost moisture and protein to your hair and make the cuticle lay flat, which will result in less damage in the long run. If you have longer hair goals in mind, or if you use hair color or use heat when you style it, using a the right products will go a long way to keeping it in excellent condition between trims.

6. Brush your hair and scalp every day (when it is dry of course) with and good quality bristle brush. This stimulates the blood flow to your scalp encouraging growth. GHD have an amazing dressing brush for only $34!

7. Always shampoo your hair twice, the first shampoo cleanses then the second shampoo delivers the nutrients to your cleansed hair. After the second shampoo give your hair a towel squeeze before conditioning. This will enable the conditioner to be delivered properly. If you add conditioner to saturated hair most of the conditioner end up dripping down the plug hole, not conditioning your hair. You will find you will actually use less than normal.

8. Avoid hairstyles that will pull and put stress on your hair and scalp such as a tightly-pulled ponytail, tiny braids or hair extensions. If you pull your hair tightly, especially if you put stress on the same roots day after day, you can actually cause hair loss!

9. Use only salon professional heat tools such as blow dryers, hot rollers, curling irons and especially flat irons. Be sure to use a product specifically designed to protect your hair from the heat you are inflicting on it.

10. Have a salon professional treatment every time your in salon. They contain specialized ingredients that compensate for missing components in the hair due to hair distress. Using proteins, natural oils and other nourishing ingredients, Redken chemistry treatments supply your hair with an intense, highly concentrated dose of what it needs most.